Personal Information

OrcID: 0000-0003-2923-7223

Actual Employment

Postdoctoral researcher
Laboratory Dr. Cyril Herry
Neurocentre Magendie
University of Bordeaux
146 rue Léo Saignat
33077 Bordeaux Cedex

Research Interests/Perspectives

My interest in understanding human memory started during my Bachelor studies in psychology in Geneva, where I discovered and I was fascinated by the complexity behind such sophisticated process. With the goal of gaining insight into the neural basis of memory, I decided to do a Master thesis in the Department of Basic Neuroscience at the University of Geneva. I joined the laboratory of Prof. Dominique Muller, a leading expert in synaptic mechanisms of memory. In 2014 I was offered a Phd position in the Muller laboratory to study hippocampal-dependent memory in mice. After Prof. Dominique Muller passed away in April 2015, I joined the laboratory of Prof. Christian Lüscher, where I finished my Phd that focused on the role of inhibitory circuits in memory allocation. The main findings of my Phd work have been published in a high profile journal and received major attention in the field of neuroscience. During my Phd, I extended the laboratories’ technological portfolio by implementing optogenetics and chemogenetics techniques, mice memory tests, anxiety and locomotion behavioral tests and histological analysis required to my research. I have learned to manage team-work and encourage and transform my own ideas into experimental work. I consolidated my skills in coordinating and administering all the necessary steps for the development and finalization of a project. The experience acquired in the Müller and Lüscher laboratories has boosted my scientific background and confirmed my passion to do research in neuroscience.  


Phd degree in Neuroscience,
University of Geneva, 1205 Geneva.
Thesis title: Inhibitory control of hippocampal memory formation.    
Director: Prof. Dr. Christian Lüscher & Prof. Dr. Dominique Muller (Deceased, April 29th 2015); Co-director: Dr. Pablo Mendez.
Master of Science (MSc), Neuroscience
, University of Geneva, 1205 Geneva.
Thesis title: Viral-mediated identification of behaviorally activated neurons.
Supervisor: Dr. Pablo Mendez; Director: Prof. Dr. Dominique Muller.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)
, Psychology, University of Geneva, 1205 Geneva.

Awards & Achievements

2017-2019: EMBO Long-Term Fellowship (Non-stipendiary member)

2017-2021: Early & Advanced Postdoc.Mobility - Swiss National Science Foundation

Amicitia Excellence Prize

- Swiss Society for Neuroscience: Travel Fellowship 2016 (FENS, Copenhagen, Denmark)
- Swiss Society for Neuroscience: Volker Henn Poster Award, Lausanne (Switzerland)


Project management skills: Manage team-work. Encourage and transform my own ideas into experimental work. Coordinate and administer all the necessary steps for the development and finalization of a project.

Data analysis: During my thesis I managed to analyze all the different kind of data necessary for publication of projects.

Initiative and self-reliance: Set-up new techniques in the lab that my help the development of projects.

Laboratory techniques

- Confocal microscopy
- Organotypic hippocampal slice culture (OHSC) preparation
- Biolistic transfection of plasmids in OHSC
- Long Term Potentiation on OHSC
- Immunohistochemistry
- Tissue optical clearing techniques: CLARITY (Nature 497, 332–337, 2013), SeeDB (Nature Neuroscience 16, 1154–1161, 2013)

- Transcardial perfusion
- Stereotaxic intracranial injection of adeno-associated viral vectors and cannulae and fiber-optic implantation
- Remote control of neuronal activity: Pharmacogenetics and Optogenetics
- Behavioral paradigms (enriched environment, elevated plus maze, open field, contextual & cued fear conditioning, locomotor sensitization, cocaine self-administration, operant conditioning)